Q When will HSN21km 2016 be held ?
A 8 October 2016 (Saturday), in conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara 2016
Q Where will the HSN21km 2016 take place ?
A Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Click here for flag-off points
Q What are the race categories for HSN21km ?
A Click here for race categories
Q What is the maximum number of participants for each category?
A For the first year, we are capping the total participants to 15,000. Breakdown is 21km (4,000), 10km (8,000), 5km Fun Run (3,000)
Q Are other types of activities allowed during the race for e.g. cycling, rollerblading, running with pets ?
A No. Wheeled-run activities (except for wheelchair bound participants in the 5km Fun Run) are strictly not allowed during the race, to ensure the safety of all running participants. Pets are strictly not allowed during the race.
Q Is there a baggage check-in area at the start venue ?
A Yes there will be. But please leave your luggages at home
Q What if I am injured before or during the race, or otherwise unable to finish the race?
A Medical aid is available at the starting point and at all water stations. If the injury is deemed serious and requires immediate medical assistance, ambulance services can be sought. Alternatively, you may board the sweeper bus that will take you to the finish line. Participants who are unable to finish the race due to medical reasons or otherwise will not be eligible for finisher medals, prizes and goodie bags.
Q What time does each race start ?
A Click here for flag-off times
Q Is there a cut-off time to complete the run in each category?
A Road closure will be lifted after 5 hours and the roads will be re-opened to traffic. The cut-off time for the 10km category is 3 hours from your flag off time. Participants will then continue the race on the footpath at their own risk
Q Do I still get a finisher’s medal if I complete my run after the cut-off time ?
A No, participants who do not finish the race within the stipulated cut-off times will not receive a finisher’s medal
Q If I register for the 21km and do not manage to finish the full distance, can I still get the Finisher’s Medal ?
A No, only participants who complete the full distance in this category within the cut-off times will receive their finisher’s medal. This applies too for the other distances.



Q How can I register for HSN21km 2016 ?
A Click here to register via our registration partner ACTIVE Network
Q Can I register if I am under the age of 18?
A Yes you can. But you will need your parental/guardian consent to participate and for payments. However, if you are below 13 years old, you will need parental/guardian consent and supervision, who will participate in the race with you in the same category. Please see here for more information
Q How will I know if my entry has been accepted?
A You will receive a confirmation email from the Race Organiser
Q Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration ?
A No refunds will be given to participants who register and do not participate on race day
Q Why is it that I have not received my confirmation e-mail despite registering and making payment ?
A If you encounter problems with the confirmation email, please contact the Organiser here
Q What are the sizes for the running T-shirt ?
A Click here to see T-Shirt sizes
Q When is the registration deadline ?
A 15 September 2016. Registrations will be closed after this date, or earlier if we reached the maximum capacity before the closing date
Q What is a Race Entry Pack ?
A The Race Entry Pack contains a running top (running vest for 21km and T-shirt for 10km and 5km), runner’s bib & safety pins, timing chip (except for 5km category, there is no timing chip)
Q When will the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) be held and where will it be ?
A 1-3 October 2016 for Malaysian participants. Location of Race Pack Collection will be advised
Q Are there options for delivery of Race Entry Pack ?
A You can choose to arrange for RPD (Race Pack Delivery). Charges is at RM11 for delivery within West Malaysia. For those outside West Malaysia, please reach out our Helpdesk at +603 5637 3821 or at helpdesk@hsn21km.com
Q What happens if I’m unable to collect my Race Entry Pack on the collection day ?
A Your Race Entry Pack, if uncollected, will be disposed as deemed fit upon discretion of the Organiser
Q I am a foreign participant looking and need accommodation during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. What are the recommended accommodation options that are nearest to the race venue ?
A We will share on hotel partnership shortly
Q How can I get to the race venue ?
A Information will be updated soon
Q How does the age criteria apply ?
A Participants must be 16 years old to participate in the 21km and 15 years old to participate in the 10km respectively as of 31st December 2016 to participate in these competitive categories. Participants in the Veteran Category must be 40 years old or above by 31st December 2016



Q What are the payment options ?
A Payment by credit/debit card only via ACTIVE Network. No cash payment is accepted
Q Who is the payment gateway provider for HSN21km 2016 ?
A Payment by credit/debit card only via ACTIVE Network. Registration is to be completed on www.hsn21km.com. No cash payment is accepted
Q Can I register first and make payment later ?
A No, all payments must be completed upon registration online. Without payment, a payment confirmation slip will not be issued to the participant



Q Where are the water stations ?
A It will be along designated points along the route. More details will be provided in due course
Q Are there fruit stations, and where ?
A We will provided bananas at strategic points along the 21km route. Bring ice-cream and we can enjoy a banana split together !
Q How long will the route be closed to traffic ?
A Route for the 21km will closed for 5 hours and will reopen in stages. For the 10km distance, the route will reopen 3 hours the last flag-off
Q Is there transportation before and after the Event ?
A Information will be updated
Q Where are the parking areas for the Event ?
A Information will be updated



Q Am I eligible for 2 prizes if I qualify in 2 prizes? For e.g. If as a Malaysian half marathon runner, I am 1st in the Men Open, and also break the National Record ?
A Yes you are eligible for multiple prizes if you meet the criteria set
Q If there are any disputes in the race results, who can I appeal to ?
A Please contact the Organiser
Q If I am unable to collect my prize right after the race, is there another option to redeem the prize, or will it be forfeited ?
A Please contact the Organiser
Q Who are the sponsors for HSN21km 2016 ?
A See here



Q What is Race Captain ?
A Race Captain is a participant who can get 10 other people to sign up for the HSN21km 2016, in any category, regardless of age or gender. Race Captains race for FREE
Q How can I be eligible for Race Captain ?
A Anyone is eligible to be a Race Captain as long as he/she can register 10 other people under the “Group” registration
Q How will I know that I am eligible for Race Captain ?
A Invite your friends and if they register, they go towards filling up your quota for Team Captain. You will then get a refund for your registration fee when you meet this quota
Q How can I sign up to be a volunteer ?
A Please write in to the Organiser here



Q What is “Break the Records” about ?
A Click here to find out more about “Break the Record”
Q “Break the Records” applies to which race category ?
A It applies to the 21km ONLY
Q Who is eligible for breaking of the Malaysian National Record ?
A Any Malaysian participant who breaks the existing Malaysian National Record will be eligible to win the National Record prize. However, winners must be a Malaysian citizen for no less than 1 year from date of HSN21km
Q Breaking each of the records, will be based on which time?
A It will be based on the timing from the official timing system, not of any timing of officials or gun time
Q Who will moderate the results to ensure a fair and transparent outcome ?
A HSN21km will be sanctioned by the Federal Territory KL Athletic Association (FTKLAA)
Q Key criteria in “Break the Records” ?
A Participants cannot change their respective nationalities 12 months prior to taking part in the HSN21km