Record Breaking


Applicable to only the Half Marathon Category, we believe that every runner is capable of his or her best at the race.

We wish to challenge and incentivise runners to train, better their personal best records and smash the official records while at it… all these at HSN21km !!



Attractive additional cash incentives awaits those brave souls for breaking the Malaysia National Records

Malaysia National Record 20,000 Only Open To Malaysian Nationals
* Record breaker of the Malaysian National Records must be a Malaysian citizens for no less than 1 year from date of HSN21km
** Cash prizes above applies for each gender
*** Winners must produce their identification documents before prize presentation at day of event. Failure to do so will result in non-award of cash prize


Warm up, then stretch
“Try some light jogging or walking before you stretch, or stretch after you run. Stretching ‘cold’ muscles can cause more harm than good.”
Runner’s World editors